Welcome to Indie Labs

We launch, grow, and advise global tech startups.


Indie Labs is a product platform and services studio,
established in 2018 by serial founder Kate Kendall.

Indie Labs is a product and services labs: we build products and communities, run an accelerator for female founders, run a conference for indie founders, advise companies, champion the indie way, and make micro investments. Our mission is to help founders launch and grow companies in an independent, scalable, ethical, and sustainable way. We roughly split our time as follows: 50% into building in-house products and 50% into helping other founders. If you want to contact us, please use the form below or tweet us at @indielabsco.


ATTO ACCELERATOR for female founders

Atto is an online-driven, pre-accelerator program designed to help female founders launch tech companies. Our inaugural batch, which runs between February through May 2019, is currently live in Australia.


ADVISORY SErVICES for tech startups

After a decade in tech, we’re taking what we’ve learned and advising the next generation of founders. From remote teams to raising angel funding, or early-stage marketing to US or Australian expansion, get in touch.


PRODUCT & CoMMUNITY development

We’ve built event guide, The Fetch, freelance marketplace, CloudPeeps, and countless communities such as Freelance Friday. We’re exploring the creation of a tool in the personal CRM space and a conference for indie founders.

Announcing IndieConf AU 2019 on Friday 28 June in Melbourne, Australia.


Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?
— Steve Jobs